Time to Act – US Dollar Appreciation

The projection for the final correction in the EUR/USD currency pair is already completed. The US Dollar appreciation already began impulsively.
The peak in corrective wave C seems to be completed. The price target (withing wave 4 of the previous decline) was already reached. Please, look at the chart from the last article (1.May 2015) to compare. Reality fits the projection.
According to the analysis, a sharp impulsive decline to parity should be expected. Short positions are plausible and very much admired.
The stops should be placed at 1.14. A price decline below the key support of 1.104 must unleash a relentless decline at least to 1:1. It’s time to act, ride the wave. It is the last one for all US Dollar bulls.

Projection by 1 May 2015

Dollar update


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